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Dana Corriel, MD, swapped traditional medicine for digital entrepreneurship. She uses her planning, strategy, & design skills to build up ventures.

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Dana Corriel, MD, is a traditionally-trained physician who swapped clinical practice for digital entrepreneurship & innovation. After discovering she had a talent for design & unique content creating, during a short break from clinical medicine, she decided to “pay it forward” in her field of healthcare, and build an online platform that promoted doctors, ideas & businesses. Corriel’s SoMeDocs was born. Today, she helps individuals AND companies alike to figure out next-steps in the online world. The ultimate mission of her company and work is to promote the autonomy of doctors everywhere, build a strong community of forward-thinking professionals, and provide well-needed networking in her field. Follow her work, or connect with her for new beginnings.

Unique Content

Corriel works with simple, everyday images to help online brands uniquely tell their stories.

Dana Corriel, MD

December 7, 2019
Polka dots of caffeinated goodness

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Not Actually In Charge: The Irony of Being a Doc Today
Are Three Extra Letters Worth the Effort?
Top-down photo of a tea I prepared, using dried fruit. The photo is white and crisp, showing the fruit in action, falling into the teacup.

oodles & oodles of ideas

If you’re not quite sure what’s out there, or what you’re capable of, or of how to use the online tools of today to grow a unique online voice that companies will pursue, you’ve reached the right person. Dr. Corriel helps professionals to understand the possibilities, where it comes to online creation and impact, and helps each person take action on their dreams, very much like she did, years back.

Extraordinary Accomplishments

Dr. Corriel believes that there’s a ‘special sauce’ in every one of us, and that, in today’s world of online tools, we can each uniquely shine in our own niche. While it can be tough figuring the specifics out alone, Dr. Corriel the journey, right along with her clients, whom she helps to steer in the direction they want to grow.

Breathtaking Results

Cookie-cutter content doesn’t cut it, where Corriel is concerned. No one should be growing without their own unique spin. Dr. Corriel helps clients to constantly create fresh ideas that will leave their target audience wanting more, more, & more. The result? Conversions, growth from every angle, and happy, satisfied humans on every side of the equation.

latest commentary

society & business

Corriel LOVES to regularly use her favorite tool – her iPhone – to soak up the world around her. She edits photos using a variety of apps, mixes & matches mediums, & brings to life the otherwise mundane objects, humans, & activities along the way. It’s always fabulous to give our lives a fresh new spin. And she’s sharing hers with you, along with commentary on the latest hot topics.

Society’s Success Paradox

I seriously want to know what this man has done to anyone other than.. well, act? Allow me to lay out the case for why he’s been unfairly targeted due to society’s “success paradox”.

visually-stimulating ideas

The Latest

The Clown Head

The Clown Head

An eerie legend loomed over the remnants of an abandoned carnival, in the small town of Ravenswood.

The Green Jumpsuit

The Green Jumpsuit

A green necklace, paired with a green jumpsuit.. and I’m kinda a-likin’ how well it works..

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