Time to Say GOOP-Bye (to Pseudoscience)

A comic look at why some doctors are worrying about the future of medicine

(Opinions expressed below are exactly that – my opinion, and mine only. I do not represent any larger organization. I also am extremely open minded, especially when it comes to meditative health and natural remedies which can help achieve better health. But I also believe in science, and in scientific-based claims. So take the following […]

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Tormentor Zero: The Power of Words

Words have always fascinated me. They are so incredibly powerful. They have the potential for moving us all. Any one of us. Whether they’re hopeful, or sad, encouraging, or mean, they are capable of delivering a punch to the gut – for better or worse. I’ve seen words move the bravest of people to tears […]

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The Day the Screening Sirens Cried Wolf

The Day the Diabetes Sirens Cried Wolf, a look at our Desensitization to Prediabetes

When I think of desensitization, I think of allergies. I picture a child who is administered a gradually increasing dose of a substance he is allergic to, much in the same way allergy shots are given. Slowly, the child’s body learns to become less reactive to the exposure. He grows less sensitive- a desensitization. With […]

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Virtual Break: A Cleanse for the Soul

A cleanse for the soul: a Virtual Break, discussed by medical doctor Dana Corriel

The word ‘cleanse’ normally elicits a reflexive reaction on my part, being a medical doctor and having encountered some fascinating ways in which people clean themselves out (I’ll spare inserting an exhibit A and B at this point because I think we’ve all come across some ridiculous cleanses). But the one I discuss below was […]

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When Patients Become Therapists

Two doctor in the same house sometimes have to resort to working out their issues through their patients. A funny story.

My husband and I are so busy we have resorted to resolving our issues through our patients. No joke. Our mutual patient saw me in the office the other day and reported back to me on the ‘birthday situation.’ Birthday situation? I put on a quizzical expression and my patient clearly caught on, because she proceeded with […]

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Letting the REAL Doctor Stick It In

A Story With a Moral and a Laugh The Setting. An inpatient unit in the Bronx, circa 2005.  I was a resident – and hence likely disheveled or groggy or exhibiting some other form of outward display of exhaustion – of the internal medicine program at Albert Einstein University Medical Center/Moses Division, aka Montefiore. The […]

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Malpractice Makes Perfect

beautiful pregnancy photo, bringing up the story of how I experienced malpractice, not only as a patient, but also myself as a physician, and what it was I needed.

I’m not here to tattle. No siree, Bob. I’ll save that for my kids. But what I am here to do is spell out a story in which I ended up down in the dumps. What Happened, Dr. Corriel? A medical mistake happened. To me. On me. I’ll never forget it. I can’t because I carry […]

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So Much More Than Meets The Eye

black and white image of Holocaust train tracks

An Exchange to Remember I had a powerful exchange with a patient at the clinic, who came in to be cleared for surgery. He was going in for a procedure, getting his graft replaced for hemodialysis, and needed an internist to give the ‘ok’. The visit may have begun as routine, but ended as anything […]

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Aspen: Penning A Memory

Aspen Vacation Pearls

Ah, Aspen. A place where smiles never leave your face – not so much because you’re happy, but because that grimace of surprise – as you stare death in the face looking down those slopes – freezes there, at that ridiculously high elevation. And guess what? You no longer have to be Kevin Costner or […]

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SINUSITIS got you down?

Sinusitis Got You Down? Some pointers on this inflammation.

SINUSITIS. Sinusitis infections are coming in through my clinic doors in droves. Where is Typical Sinus Pressure Felt? I put together a graphic using a stock image combined with my iPhone skills to help answer this question. Arrows correspond to location of sinuses commonly affected, which is also where pain is commonly reported. It’s not […]

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Iceland: The Ice-ing on the Cake.

The five of us, in Icy Iceland

It was the trip of a lifetime. Except that I honestly say that after every single adventure we take. I could be trekking through the wooded area in my own suburban town and feel that I’ve practically climbed Mt. Everest. As long as I have my husband and boys by my side. But not this […]

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