Should We ‘Salut’ on a Nightly Basis?

Wine Nightly- What does the medicine say?

At the turn of the century, we were already becoming aware of the positive effects of moderate alcohol use on heart disease. In the year 2000, a research article by the American Heart Association published in Circulation (read the full version here), showed that “several observational studies suggest that moderate alcohol intake reduces the risk […]

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The Day I wore a Superhero Cape

A white postcard stands in front of a wooden background. The postcard states, "Mom, I've always known," and underneath is a superhero cape and eye mask, both in pink.

The day my son heard me take that business call, I laughed so hard, I worried that my tear ducts would dry right up. Allow me to set up the scene. The kids and I are in our family car, driving up our street and into the driveway, back from an activity, when a call comes in. It’s work. The powers […]

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Artery-Appeasing Arugula Side Salad

top view of my colorful arugula salad. You can see the beets, and tomatoes peeking through the arugula leaves.

Health Benefits of Arugula Arugula’s benefits are vast, ranging from its vitamins and minerals, to its low caloric content, aiding in weight loss and fitness attainment. Studies have found that vitamin A and flavonoid compounds in green leafy vegetables like arugula help to protect us from skin, lung and oral cavity cancers. Studies such as this […]

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Cookie Insomnia

Cookie Insomnia, occurred after the ingestion of multiple Moroccan-style cookies at a friend's! The story..

Can sugar cause insomnia? You betcha. I paid the price for this one night at a friend’s, when served some deliciously sleep-depriving Moroccan treats. The following was how things went down. We were at a friend’s house on a Saturday night, when I started feeling some grumbling down below – my tummy was apparently looking […]

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