Comic Relief Contributions from My Children, Take Three

(pictured above) *6-years old and already belting it out in the house like a tween* Family friend, 8: “My dad looks at the phone while he’s driving.” My 9-year old: “My dad always does that.” My 6-year old: “My brother always farts in the car.” 6-year old: “Where’s grandma?” Me: “She’s shopping.” 6-year old: “Uhhhh, why […]

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Chore Buckets 101

Chore Buckets are the simple way to get your children to not only complete their chores, but also to ask for more!

Do you unsuccessfully try to have your children complete their chores? Do your pleads fall on deaf ears? Well, listen up, because I’ve got the solution for you! *trumpets blowing* Chore Buckets! This isn’t just your average chore list. It’s a glammed-up, super fun way for your kids to actually do work, but not feel […]

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Behind the Scenes of a Three-Boy Household

Well, make that four. You know exactly why the count went up, right? For those of you that don’t, and need clarification, I’m referring to the fathers in this scenario. In this case, and in most cases of three-boy households, you’ve actually got yourself four of them at home. Yes, the husband counts. But, for the […]

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No ORDINARY Soup For You! (Korean Cuisine)

Does Korean cuisine confer any health benefits? It seems so.

Korean Cuisine My boys and I often take a drive to eat at a local Korean eatery. Only fifteen minutes away, an international meal always awaits. We love the limited menu of the place and the simplicity and flavors of the food. There’s basically one main dish to eat there: * Soup *   Hot, still-boiling, […]

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Malpractice Makes Perfect

beautiful pregnancy photo, bringing up the story of how I experienced malpractice, not only as a patient, but also myself as a physician, and what it was I needed.

I’m not here to tattle. No siree, Bob. I’ll save that for my kids. But what I am here to do is spell out a story in which I ended up down in the dumps. What Happened, Dr. Corriel? A medical mistake happened. To me. On me. I’ll never forget it. I can’t because I carry […]

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