10 Conclusions I Came to on Halloween.

10 Conclusions I Came to On Halloween

Halloween happened. So did these 10 conclusions: 1. I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday. I love the spirit but hate running around after my kids essentially making sure they don’t get run over. 2. I’m aging- a kindergartner turned to me and asked – *Are you Jude’s grandma?* – NO! I’m not even […]

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The Day the Screening Sirens Cried Wolf

The Day the Diabetes Sirens Cried Wolf, a look at our Desensitization to Prediabetes

Growing Desensitization to Prediabetes When I think of desensitization, I think of allergies. I picture a child who is administered a gradually increasing dose of a substance he is allergic to, much in the same way allergy shots are given. Slowly, the child’s body learns to become less reactive to the exposure. He grows less […]

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Collaborating Over Lipstick

Collaborating over lipstick, a story on the patient-physician collaboration

I was asked to give a talk recently, in front of a large crowd of female entrepreneurs. The topic was ‘collaboration’. When I sat down to put my thoughts in order, I asked myself how collaboration fits into my day-to-day affairs, and the first thing that popped into my head was the one you’d probably […]

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