SINUSITIS got you down?

Sinusitis Got You Down? Some pointers on this inflammation.

SINUSITIS. Sinusitis infections are coming in through my clinic doors in droves. Where is Typical Sinus Pressure Felt? I put together a graphic using a stock image combined with my iPhone skills to help answer this question. Arrows correspond to location of sinuses commonly affected, which is also where pain is commonly reported. It’s not […]

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Iceland: The Ice-ing on the Cake.

The five of us, in Icy Iceland

It was the trip of a lifetime. Except that I honestly say that after every single adventure we take. I could be trekking through the wooded area in my own suburban town and feel that I’ve practically climbed Mt. Everest. As long as I have my husband and boys by my side. But not this […]

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