5 Top Reasons Physicians Should Take on Social Media (& What is #SoMeDocs?)

Physician & Social Media: Do They Mix? 5 Top Reasons Why They Should!

Taking on Social Media, Head-On.


Taking on social media can be a beast of a task, for many out there.

Add healthcare to the mix, and the hectic nature of many physicians’ day to day lives, and you’ve got what may seem an impossible feat. But I’ve taken the beast on myself, and I’ve seen the benefits that doing it can reap, when done the right way.

So I’m writing out a little ‘doctors on social media’ 101, covering first what #SoMeDocs is, and then, how social media is can, in fact, change the state of healthcare.


What is SoMeDocs?


The word SoMeDocs stands for Doctors on Social Media.

(I get that it looks like ‘some’-docs, but it’s not. It’s pronounced So-Mee-Docs.  But feel free to call it what you’d like. I’m happy that you’re at least here and taking an interest in learning more).


Why are physicians on social media? What is a SoMeDocs?The hashtag was created shortly after the inception of the original SoMeDocs group, because it was the perfect phrase to help brand. It was short, and easy to use.

Does it seem confusing? Because it really isn’t.

It’s pretty simple, actually, and, when said correctly – So-Mee-Docs – the word rolls off the tongue rather nicely. It doesn’t take up a lot of characters, so on Twitter, it can be added to any tweet without taking up much space.

More on specific platforms later.

The #SoMeDocs are a motivated group of physicians that have taken on social media (or at least considered learning about the tools it has to offer) in order to make a difference in healthcare, their careers, and/or their lives.

If you are a physician and want to be in the closed FB group, join us (make sure to provide your NPI number, as I work hard to vet group members).

We are public on Twitter and Pinterest.


The #SoMeDocs are a motivated group of #physicians that have taken on social media (or at least considered learning about it) in order to make a difference in #healthcare, their careers, and/or their lives. @somedocs Click To Tweet


So now, without further ado:


Top 5 Reasons Physicians Should Take on Social Media: 


SoMeDocs look to accomplish one (or more) of the following:


1. Change the face of healthcare:


Reasons why physicians are on social media: SoMeDocsWe can do this (we ARE doing this) through commentaries, discussions, and behind the scene collaborations.

I’m working on creating an appropriate in-front-of-the-scene forum currently, so please be patient or get in touch with me if you do not qualify as a part of the group but are interested in possible involvement.

In the meantime, I have tentatively created Medicine Connect.


2. Speak out on specific areas of expertise (and be heard!):


We can’t speak on everything, even if we wanted to. But we each have our own area of expertise.

The various background and training that makes up our platform’s members is what makes us unique. We are internists, neurologists, surgeons, pediatricians, orthopedists, dermatologists, and otolaryngologists, and.. you get the point.

We are your physicians, and we’re looking to make an impact outside of the exam room.

Other than specialization, each of us also differs in our skills and achievements, with various positions in our personal careers and growth. Professors and heads of departments intermix on social media with residents – those still training – because on SoMe, we’re all the same.

This is one of the reasons why the SoMeDocs platform is so unique and is a great representation of medicine as a whole: we put aside any differences we may have and work together, to grow.


3. Drown out pseudoscience:


#SoMeDocs: Why physicians are taking on social media, and how creativity is a good thing to mix into medicine.


Let’s face it, we can’t end it.

As long as social media is free and accessible, there will always be people on it, making claims.

That doesn’t mean that they’re right. Of course, that also doesn’t mean that they’re wrong, either (*gasp!*).

Innovation, in fact, starts right within forums like these – the social media virtual-venues of today. Because of this concept – that freedom to post and create allows for an out of the box experience – ideas are sparked. It’s the necessary ingredient for achieving progress.

But as long as we’re scientists – and we all inherently are – we also need evidence. We’re basically the Jerry McGuire‘s of the medicine world: Show us the Evidence!

Physicians, those of us making up the SoMeDocs, believe in making claims that are based on valid study findings. We therefore support what we call ‘evidence-based’ medicine and advice. (However, we can’t take the responsibility for all member activities and claims, see disclaimer below).



#Innovation starts in forums like existing #SoMe virtual-venues b/c freedom to post/create is a necessary ingredient in achieving #progress. But we're #scientists 1st- the Jerry McGuires of medicine: SHOW US the EVIDENCE! @somedocs Click To Tweet


4. Promote Practices:


Promoting your hospital, organization, or private entity business is now in the palm of your hand. And it’s free!

Big medical names in medicine are increasingly recognizing the need for physician presence on these platforms. It is the wave of future communication and interaction, and therefore becoming more popular in medicine. Finding ways to best promote medical practices differs depending on platform used, but can be specifically tweaked to target desired audience.

Your next reader, follower, and patient could be just a single click away.


5. Beat Burnout:


This one’s a biggie for us, esp in this day and age.

Docs have many talents outside of the exam room. Yours truly enjoyed expanding on so many of them, and found it difficult to decide which of them to pursue. Ultimately, I felt that I could make a difference in the face of healthcare simply by mixing in some creativity with medicine, and I could not have done it without social media as a medium.

Beating burnout can happen in so many ways. So many of the SoMeDocs are finding new hobbies, and expanding on their talents using the virtual world.We now have cooks, photographers, writers, scarf-makers, coaches, world travelers, bakers, and so much more, within our ranks.

Everyone is simply trying to find their own niche – to do their thing – and that’s ok. It’s all about finding your OWN side passion, & experimenting with what you can do with it. Remember, the world is our oyster.. just watch for vibriosis! (sorry, medical humor).


Closing Remarks.


There you have it. 5 reasons to take on social media as a physician. But there’s so much more. If you’re interested in joining the group, please do. If you’d like to hear me speak on topics like these, live, in front of your institution, please visit my speaking section and get in touch. Thank you, in the meantime, for landing on my website, and for your support.


Beating burnout can be as simple as abut finding your side #passion, & experimenting with what you can do. The world, after all, is our oyster. Just watch for vibriosis! (sorry, medical humor..) Click To Tweet



For the different platforms available to physicians, on social media, stay tuned for a post I am creating shortly.. to pin on Pinterest, scroll below the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This page does not endorse any physician or claims that SoMeDocs make. We number too many. I try my hardest to vet all physicians into the FB group, and ensure they have a medical degree. But I cannot guarantee no mistakes are made and that no one slipps through the cracks. It is up to the discretion of the readers, including physicians themselves, to use their own judgement and research on heeding advice and forming connections. In general, any medical advice dispensed on the internet should be brought to the attention of your personal physician.  This is because you are unique and may have medical issues that warrant careful consideration. Please take notice of the disclaimer on my page for more.


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