Doctors Defying Stereotypes: 7 Doctors with Brains and Style

7 Doctors with Brains and Style

Can a doctor be brainy and stylish at the same time?

-You Betcha-

Just because we have chosen to spend so many years with our heads glues to our books doesn’t mean we had to make compromises in the style department.

On the contrary- some of us know a thing or two about style.

It’s hidden under that long, white coat.

The Evidence

I hereby wish to introduce my evidence. Brace yourselves for ladies who combine being brainy with being stylish.. and do it really well, at that!

Each of the featured ladies below have worked hard to earn their impressive degrees. They are medical experts by day, stylish divas when the coat comes off by night.

The countdown of this feature begins here, and in no particular order..

7 Doctors with Brains and Style

Jess Berry, MD

Jess Berry, MD, one of 7 Doctors with Brains and Style

BRAINS: Jess Berry, MD is a surgeon and ocular oncologist (“That really does exists!”- her own words). She was born and raised in Wisconsin and then spent nearly a decade on the East coast for Harvard College, Medical School and an internship in NYC.

TIME OFF: Dr. Berry is a self-proclaimed foodie, oenophile (that’s a connoisseur of wines, for those of you wondering), and fashionista.

STYLE: Dr. Berry is so fashion-forward that she has her own fashion-geared website, found at, where she constantly updates posts with her latest looks and fashion trends. She even has a section that features other style-loving doctors, which I was honored to be featured in. Her website’s goal is to share her love for fashion (with a dash of art, food and travel) to encourage other professional women to explore their own passions in and out of work.


Jennifer J. Kelly, DO

Jennifer J Kelly, DO, one of 7 Doctors with Brains and Style

Brains: Dr. Kelly is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY, as well as the Director of the Clinical Densitometry Unit at the Joslin Center in Syracuse and the Co-director of the Metabolic Bone Program. She is also the Chapter Chair of the Upstate NY American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists chapter. Quite a mouthful of achievements!

Time off: During her time off from medicine, she enjoys taking walks outdoors, dancing and listening to music, shopping, and reading. She is also happily married and the mother of three kids.

Style: Dr. Kelly thinks everyone should wear what makes them happy.. and sometimes fashion does come before comfort- high heels every day!


Clarisse J. Glen, MD

Clarisse J. Glen, MD, one of 7 Doctors with Brains and StyleBrains:  Dr. Glen is an attending physician in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep at Cambridge Health Alliance and a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. She achieved these titles after meeting an interviewer for residency training who was quadruple board-certified, leaving quite an impression on her. She became imperishably hooked on the pressured scenarios of the ICU and continues to love every aspect of her field, although her largest adrenaline surges happen when she secures difficult airways and brings patients back to life.

Time Off: Dr. Glen’s stressful work environment is balanced by her downtime, in which she can be found kickboxing at the gym, dancing salsa, bachata or kizomba (her latest passion), or her favorite of all, riding her lovely bike Calla along the river where she resides. She lives life joyfully and achieves this by picking up fresh bouquet of flowers each week or lighting a scented candle and dressing up, among other things.

Style: Dr. Glen’s fashion advice includes splurging in timeless classics and finding a good tailor to get your clothes nipped and tucked- it’s almost like bespoke clothing, but cheaper. Great tailoring can make any item look expensive, and most all chic.


Shernett Griffiths, MD

Shernett Griffiths, MD, one of 7 Doctors with Brains and Style

Brains: A practicing rheumatologist at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Dr. Griffiths has already been recognized with the hospital’s award for ‘Top Pick for Physician on the Rise,’ along with a feature in 201 magazine as a ‘Person to Watch’.

Time Off: Outside of her passion for her patients and career, Dr. Griffiths shares a passion for life itself. She enjoys being around people and exploring various cultures, which often lends to her other creative outlets- being a foodie (eating a little more than cooking), writing and quality time with her family.

Style: Dr. Griffiths says, “Always dress to your personality and aim to please yourself. When you aim to please yourself, everything tends to fall into place. Also, if you keep the fuss out of the process, it will be fun and not feel like a chore. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks minus the stress!

Sheila Nazarian, MD

Dr. Nazarian, one of the featured Brains and Style physicians.


Brains: Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a private practice in Beverly Hills.  She has a Masters in Medical Management degree from the Marshall School of Business at USC.  She also serves as assistant professor in plastic surgery and hand surgery at the University of Southern California. 

Time Off: Dr. Nazarian is married to a neurosurgeon and has three children. Her interests include social media, travel to warm places, and dancing – anything from ballet to hip-hop! She enjoys many inspirations, and always keeps this in mind: what you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Style: Elegance and class never go out of style.You can quote Dr. Nazarian on that!

Brittney Terry, DO

Brittney Terry, DO, one of 7 Doctors with Brains and Style


Brains: Dr. Terry is a full time general pediatrician who works at Mountain States Medical Group in Kingsport, TN.

Time off: Dr. Terry enjoys shopping, hiking, biking, photography, and playing with her kids during her time off. She is married to a teacher and has three small boys who keep them both infinitely busy.  As the only girl in a house of testosterone (which I can certainly relate to- see Behind the Scenes of a three Boy Household) she finds dressing up and being ultra feminine to be a fun form of stress release.

Style: Dr. Terry loves clothes, whether they be designer or from Target.  Her philosophy is to “wear what makes you feel fabulous and what brings you joy.”  Her patients and parents always tease her about being the best dressed doctor around and her daily fashion show, but, according to her, “Why not combine your passions by doing AND wearing what you love?  Life is too short to wait for an occasion.”

Sara Hegab, MD

Sarah Hegab, MD, one of 7 Doctors with Brains and Style

Brains: Associate Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Program Associate Program Director, Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Assistant Professor in Detroit, MI.

Time Off: Dr. Hegab absolutely loves traveling and seeing new places, learning about different cultures and experiencing new cuisines. If she didn’t practice medicine she would own a small antique furniture shop, constantly traveling the world in search of long forgotten treasures (a doc after my own heart! See my own love of the old in Three Teaspoons of Vintage: Appreciating Beauty in the Old).

Style: Dr. Hegab believes in wearing what makes you feel great. She says, “If you feel good, you will radiate this confidence.” How true!

The next time you see your doctor in the office, behind that long, white coat, remember that there may be a stylish diva hiding underneath.

7 Doctors with Brains and Style

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