A Birthday CeleBERETion!

So…. I’m throwing a Birthday CeleBERETion!

It’s been a while since I threw a party for myself, so this year, I decided it was time.

And though my actual birthday already passed, I wanted to wait until all of my local peeps were at least back from their vacations and around to attend.

I planned it to be a ladies’ night. But true to the quirky nature of my plans, I needed a twist.

So up popped the idea to celebrate it with berets!




Again a Birthday CeleBERETion!!

I know, so cheesy! But also potentially so fun!


A Birthday CeleBERETion!


Now, some of my friends didn’t own a beret, and wanted to know where they could pick one up.

Easy-peasy! Amazon! I even did the leg work and looked through for some fab styles!

Here they are, in no particular order. If you end up ordering any of these “delicious” picks, let me know and post it! I want to see how it looks on you!

(Note that these picks are affiliate links, which means their price is the same but I make a small commission if you purchase them).


The Classic Beret

The good ‘ole beret, with no added frills.

The Pinwheel Beret

Some days, you need the frills.


The following three are just the most adorable quasi-edible (no, not really) berets if I ever did see some. I dare you to wear ’em!!


The Green Apple Beret



The Orange Beret

The Lemon Beret


The Strawberry Beret



The Extra-Life Beret

Not sure this next one can be easily pulled off.

If you do, I’d like to see! It’s super cute, with polka dots on it, reminding me of the mushroom. from Super Mario Brothers.

If you purchase this and pull off wearing it, I HAVE TO see!!!



So yeah, animals make it into berets, too. But they’re subtle, which still keeps ’em classy.

Below, a frog and a deer.


The Ribbit Beret


The “Don’t Give Me Lyme Disease” Beret

So there you have it.

So many choices, so little time.

Oh, and if you own a spectacular beret of your own, or want to celebrate with me vicariously, wherever you are, share a photo! On social media, I can be tagged, @drcorriel!

A Birthday CeleBERETion!

I wanted to celebrate my belated birthday in style, with girlfriends. So I came up with a unique celeBERETion.


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

An eerie legend loomed over the remnants of an abandoned carnival, in the small town of Ravenswood.