I don’t know about you, but there have been moments where I have literally cringed from the solitude of social distancing and have likened it to fictional dystopian work.


The other day. as if something read my mind, this copy of ‘A Brave New World’ appears on my son’s bed – apparently waiting patiently in the ‘reading material’ queue.


So much has changed in how we live. We don’t visit businesses openly, we wear masks and carry around gloves. We stay far from one another if we find ourselves having to interact.

It’s been tough. Definitely different than it has ever been.

But when will our current ‘dystopia’ end?

I’ve had plenty of people ask me versions of the question

Like “When will the distancing orders end?”

Or “When will all stores reopen?”

And even “When will we hug again?”

.. I wish that I knew the answer. But I honestly just don’t know.

A Brave, and Really New, World


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

An eerie legend loomed over the remnants of an abandoned carnival, in the small town of Ravenswood.