I needed a new olive oil dispenser.

Mine had magically disappeared.

No, really, it actually disappeared.

I know that I sometimes joke around and say things disappear (shh, don’t tell anyone), when I’ve actually made them disappear, but this time around, I’m not joshin’.

To be honest, our old olive oil dispenser was perfectly fine, though admittedly in the advanced stages of wear. It still served its purpose, mind you, up until the very day I found it to be missing.

I didn’t panic. But I searched everywhere – high and low – because I didn’t believe it was yet time to go.

But my search was futile.



Anyhoo, I then spent way too much time perusing through way too many web pages on Amazon (and finding way too many other purchases along the way..).

Trying to find a brand spankin’ new dispenser isn’t easy, my friends. Not when you’ve got a kitchen palette you’re dreaming of adhering to!

I ended up clicked through what must have been 30 of them, before settling on a duo that just looked.. cool (is there a better term for this gorgeous pair?)



Bam, I ordered ’em (here).

And when they arrived, and I unboxes them from their beautifully packaged casing (we’re talkin’ fancy schmancy stuff!), I loved what I found.

So I’m sharing them here, with you. Because my search took long, and should certainly not be in vain, especially when it yielded such gorgeous and functional dispensers, and when everyone follows my share with: “Where did you get that???”.

My duo not only came with neat packaging, though, it also came with a sturdy ‘thank you note’, inside of which I found folded sticker labels naming common liquids that could be stored inside of these dispensers.

There were even two blank labels to write in my own!



The other day, I got to use my dispensers.

It was the olive oil dispenser, to be exact, used on my Tetris Parmesan Crusted Potatoes (in case you needed those details).

The oil flowed out beautifully and it was just like butta!

So there you go. Another successful purchase from the virtual shelves of Amazon (Prime, of course. ‘Cause why would you pay for shipping?!)

Here’s the link, again, if you want to grab some for your own kitchen!



A New Olive Oil Dispenser

An oil dispenser duo made their way into my kitchen when my old one disappeared..


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