Dr. Corriel helps companies and individuals alike find their inner creative and unleash them, for entrepreneurial growth. She also nurtures a Portfolio of her explorations, here On this site.

From practicing doctor to Digital Innovator & Entrepreneur


I discovered I had a knack for design late in life. While temporarily on a break from medicine, I played around with different new pastimes which included home design, cooking, vintage styling, & furniture refinishing. I even tried my hand at blogging! The deeper I got, in my foray into the digital space, the more creative I became (and the freer I felt). I even started making impact in my own field of healthcare! “Who knew,” I thought. I had found myself a new home. And it’s where I’ve lived since.

Today, I design, strategize, & reshape everything and anything that comes my way; from projects to websites to everyday content. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.


Dana Corriel

Notable accomplishments:

I have:

  • - been named Medscape's Top Twenty Physician Influencers in 2019

  • - been named Top Ten Internists to Follow on Twitter by Medical Economics in 2018

  • - been featured in multiple publications, including LA Times, Boston Globe, Huff Post, SELF, Medscape, Medical Economics, EP Lab Digest, Gastro & Endo News

  • - spoken at multiple conferences and events, including the Harvard Writer's Healthcare CME Conference.

  • - spoken at the UN Commission for the Status of Women/AMWA

  • - co-curated a book: What We Bring to the Practice of Medicine (Kent State Press); a compilation of fab short stories by women physicians

  • - been heard on multiple podcasts, speaking about innovating, thinking outside of the box in healthcare, branding and social media strategy

  • - created organic traction on a movement that now spans across social media platforms and have sparked numerous physician-created brands and companies