About last night.. man, does Adam Sandler slay!

He is so creative, and so unique in those creations.

Even if they are ridiculously crude, he is so entertaining, telling his stories, and sharing his narratives.

The majority of them are clearly made up, and twisted to such a degree that you’re left with jaw dropped in pure astonishment… that a fellow human can come up with such bizarre narrative.

Highly recommend if you’re able to catch it live.

Incidentally, there are, as I’d expect, many Adam Sandlers on LinkedIn, where I posted about the experience after it was over (Yeah, I’m a digital entrepreneur, so I scour the online space regularly for discussion-worthy content and sometimes random stuff like this comes up).

None of the “Adam Sandler”s I found (again, a finding I expected) represented THE one and only comedian.

Learning lesson: Sandler is an example of success level reached where you just don’t give a hoot about marketing yourself.

He’s so big that others regularly market his name for him, just by posting about having seen his show.

Plus, as one of his hilarious wacky narratives go, in which he ends up bullying his daughter’s friend into saying his name, he KNOWS that his name’s already a household one (you’ll chuckle if I mention “Logan” if you were there).

Other comedic bits that have imprinted themselves into my brain and likely made you squirm, too, if you were there:


Licking the mic as if it was ice cream..

The helium balloon he released into the air that had 2 wishes..

Being sick as a dad

That song about public restrooms!!!

Random bit about passing the guy in the pool who asked him to come in..

Peeing on the jellyfish sting

That Chris Farley tribute (what a friend Sandler is, huh? Guy’s gone for 15 years and Sandler still pays homage to that friendship)


We had a friendly debate on the ride home, by the way, on who’s more famous: him or Jerry Seinfeld. Just throwing that out there. Discuss.

Oh, and enjoy the 15 second reel I threw together in the my euphoric after-show state, below.



Adam Sandler Wows with Schneider, Apatow, and Even “Logan”!


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

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