I didn’t know quite what I’d get when I selected the Netflix Netflix documentary American nightmare the other night.

I sat through three episodes, not sure of how things were going to unfold, based on the narrative that was first told.

Now, before you read on, I have to warn you. There will definitely be spoiler alerts in this commentary, so if you haven’t seen the documentary and want to, please do so before before reading on.



First of all,

I’m going to note that I believed the story of both the boyfriend and the girlfriend on the show. I’m no forensic psychologist, or anything, but you sometimes get a hunch. That said, I also recognize that you can be so easily swayed by the makers of a documentary, depending on how  they want the slant to go.

The kidnapped woman was particularly believable for me. She seemed to recount details, so smoothly, and without flinching. It seemed like she was genuinely upset at the events as they were told.


not the woman from the show, but someone sad nonetheless..



I cannot believe what this couple went through. How horrific to be targeted in this way, in the middle of the night, and for no reason at all. This is the epitome of violent crime, and no one should be subjected to this type of thing.


Thirdly, and most obviously,

is the mistreatment by law-enforcement. I just can’t comprehend how mainstream it has become to allow our biases to paint our reality.

No one believed these two!

You can see in the interrogation of the boyfriend, just how convinced the interrogating officer actually was, at the boyfriends guilt.

He is essentially being cornered, being pressured to admit to something we later find out he didn’t do.

Why does nobody give you the benefit of the doubt, when you haven’t done a thing to prove otherwise?

How scared must this poor, innocent man have been at the moments in which he was interrogated and accused?

I cannot even begin to imagine the frustration of not being believed.


really, why?


can you imagine what would’ve happened if the perpetrator had not been caught? What a stroke of lucky events that led to his capture.

If it wasn’t for the officer in the other case, taking interest in that single blonde hair she found on those taped up goggles, this would have a completely different ending.

I love that reunion with 3 of them – they look so happy in the photo!


Of note,

I noticed that the girlfriend in the story was wearing a wedding ring throughout the interviews, and it kept my wondering throughout whether she had wound up with the boyfriend. I was right! The two had gotten hitched! What a great ending to what I’m sure must’ve scarred them for life.

I hope that they are both happy, living out life to its fullest, together.

not the ring in question, but a close representation..

Other follow ups..

include the following: after the couple took legal action against the Vallejo Police Department in 2016, the case was eventually settled out of court in 2018, with the couple being compensated $2.5 million. I know that this came out in the documentary, but it turns out that I actually fell asleep before the 3rd episode was over, and didn’t even realize it (I thought I had watched the entire thing).

As for Matthew Muller, the perp we never really got to “meet” on the show, he was apparently sentenced to 31 years in prison, after pleading no contest to two counts of forcible rape and guilty to three other charges in Solano County Superior Court. His state sentence will be served concurrently with the federal sentence.


As for Colonel Mustard? He is now holding a candlestick, in the drawing room..

No, but really, he was believed to have been promoted to a sergeant in 2018, and  is now a detective sergeant for the Vallejo Police Department in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Last but not least, and having nothing to do with any of the characters involved, I need to see Gone Girl again. It sounds like it was a hella good movie.

gonna see this again soon..

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