Animal Mugs and Chamomile & Honey Tea

I ventured over to Costco today, knowing fully well I’d find myself in a crowd.

We recently renewed our membership, after years away, and I’d forgotten just how busy it gets until the first few times I went back.

Being that their carts are extra-extra-large, just like the food items they sell (gotcha match your ‘wheels’ to the goods, I guess), the walkways in that store get jammed.

It is, quite literally, as bad as the Van Wyck on a busy afternoon (“You can’t beat the Van Wyck!!”)

Because they’re so large, they’re extra difficult to move around through the store.  And when you add 30 pounds of flour on your cart and a 1,500 count gummy vitamin, along with the other junk you pick up along the way (most of which, let’s face it, you do not need a lifetime supply of), it gets extra cumbersome to drive that thing around.

Because of this, there’s always people apologizing.

“Sorry,” I hear someone say, as they try to turn their cart around a bend.

“Sorry,” another one, who can’t stop the giant cart in time and ends up pushing the person in front of him in the back.

I would bet that people have gotten seriously hurt on the Costco highways, in fact. I cannot imagine the pain, for one, of having one of those behemoths roll on your foot.

The silver lining here is that Costco will soon be prepared. Any emergency incurred while on premises will get the attention of whatever healthcare concoction they’re planning to build on site.

You heard that right; Costco will be trying its luck at physical exams soon.

I wrote about it for SoMeDocs, in fact. Titled it Costco: Bringing Healthcare to an Aisle Near You. You can read that article here.


Animal Mugs and Chamomile & Honey Tea
Posing with the mugs I’m about to tell you about…


The Animal Mugs

Anyhoo, today’s trip ended with no cart mishaps or injuries of any sort.

Here’s what I did score while there, though: a very cool 6-piece set of animal mugs!


Take a look, below. And if you want to purchase them through Amazon, you can do that here.

The Tea

Notice the second “discovered” item discussed above: tea!

Specifically, it’s Wizzotsky’s Chamomile and Honey variation, which you can purchase here.

I love to brew it on cold days, and the chamomile adds health benefits into life, which is always a plus!

Anyhoo, that’s my frivolous share for the week, and I’m stickin’ to it..

Animal Mugs and Chamomile & Honey Tea

Animal mugs and tea - my two share-worthy discoveries for this week.


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