Are Three Extra Letters Worth the Effort?

I freakin’ love the way Manpreet Samra, MD, MBA draws the audience into her article about whether we – as physicians who have already been through an arduous road obtaining our medical degrees – should also get an MBA.

In her article, she writes:

“The first thing my husband said when I told him about MBA school was “the NBA has a school?” It didn’t help that we first had our conversation about MBA school during the NBA playoffs but really – NBA school? I quickly overcame this start to the conversation by saying “M” as in Michael Jordan – MBA school. He got it from there and every day since.”

I personally decided against obtaining yet another three letters (the M, the B, and the A), following my name. I decided that it just wasn’t worth my time at this stage of my “game”, even though I had officially entered the entrepreneurship “battlefield”, full-time.

I made this choice because this way, I could not only sharpen the skills that interested me, but also veer off in different directions on the fly, without having to adhere to any regimented curriculum in ‘follow the leader’ fashion.

I truly believe innovating comes from trial and error, and from traveling down a new, undiscovered path. And it’s even better when you grab the shovel and dig..

Remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula to life. So take my words with a grain of salt. They are merely the product of my own life experiences.

Are Three Extra Letters Worth the Effort?

Is obtaining an MBA worth a physician's time? Manpreet Samra, MD, MBA, doesn't think so. And I'm not sure I think so, either.


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