Fotografika Museum: Dave LaChapelle Exhibit

A Nomad day Fotografiska with girlfriends “The Nudge” A day spent at the Fotografiska museum with these girlfriends, at the LaChapelle exhibit, meant a day of color, stimulating conversation, and laughs. On exhibit was the digital photography work of David La Chapelle, an American photographer, music video director and film director, best known for […]

Memorable Moments from a Turkish Store

Stumbling upon a Turkish store in Sarasota, Florida, allowed me to reconnect with some delicacies from my past. I may not be Turkish, but I definitely regularly enjoy their cuisine.

Content that Revolves Around Dessertd

Content that Includes Desserts Dessert Tales I stumble upon incredible desserts that are WAY too scrumptious not to share. And so I’m sharing them, right here in a curated collection.

Content that Revolves Around Noodles

Content that Revolves around Noodles Together story Together-Stories are built purely from audience participation. Story segments are added sequentially, with audience submissions determining where the story goes..  Join the story, become an author in this book..