Three Teaspoons of Vintage: Appreciating Beauty in the Old

Turning vintage into new has been the hot obsession for quite a number of years.. and I jumped right on board.

I’m a doctor, yes. But I also have an artsy side. During my free time, and over the past several years, I dabbled in some fabulous activities, and unleashed a creative side that I didn’t know existed.

Three vintage gold teaspoons serve as an inspiration for collecting the old.Something I became enamored with in particular was collecting vintage items and appreciating the beauty in unique finds.

I called my new venture ‘Three Teaspoons of Vintage.’

I’ll be sharing some of the beauties I found along the way here, in memorable photographs left over from those days, in an effort to inspire you to not be afraid of the old. Hey, maybe I’ll even inspire myself and pick up a few new items. I’ll also be sharing how I altered some of the vintage pieces, refinished them, or used them to decorate a space that needed brightening up, in this first of a several-part series.

What Makes Vintage Special?

The most important discovery along the way, for me, was just how transformative a vintage piece can be. It can make the difference between meh and wow, drawing attention to itself just by the mere nature of its uniqueness.

Take this piece, right below.

These are two separate pieces. But together, one inside the other, they make quite the pair.

Never underestimate the power of a vintage frame. You can even hang your kids’ art inside and create an instant masterpiece. Read about that here.


When the right vintage piece is picked out for a space, it can serve as an incredible conversation starter.

Think about uniqueness. No one else owns it. You just can’t walk into Pottery Barn these days and find a vintage piece. That’s part of what makes it so special. You’ll have it hanging up, garnering the attention and admiration of those who pass by. But after all that’s said and done, no will be able to duplicate it. It simply doesn’t exist in a catalog, or at the local store. Because it’s part of the past, and now it’s part of your present.

It’s yours now- displayed on your shelf, hanging on your wall.

So go ahead, feel inspired.


I picked up two front porch seats from a sale one day, and refinished them in an afternoon. All it took was a few coats of gold spray, and these twins instantly became my two glowing greeters on the porch.

Vintage Refinished Inspiration. A gold seat adorns my entryway porch, a project I took on while exploring my interest in vintage

Next are these simple bottles, which came in varying shapes and sizes. I collected a number of them and placed them together, in a gorgeous display in front of a striped wall. It gave the space both color and depth, and livened it up, vintage-style.

Glass bottles adorn a table top and serve as vintage inspiration.

The following was a table I painted myself in mint green, using a special paint made for furniture. You can find a similar paint here. I painted it on, then added pattern to its top, once it dried, by using a stencil, like this one, in a different color of paint.

Lovely mint green table top, with Moroccan stencils on top. Great idea for refinishing vintage furniture pieces!

Here was a photo captured mid-way through my preparation:

(who says beautiful things are created overnight? This piece took a while to make!)

Vintage Refinishing Idea: use stencils over paint to make a tabletop stand out.

Next was an old book I picked up along the way, which featured the works of famous American poet William Cullen Bryant, whose works were laid out in a miniature firetruck-red hot book. I loved it, but wrapped it up in a ribbon and handed it over to someone who needed it- someone who had lost a sibling and was struggling with the loss.

Even something small and used can go a long way when a friend needs some inspiration..

The little book, before it swapped hands..

Thanatopsis, a vintage book of poems by bryant

More vintage inspirations to come..


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