Bee-Yond Being Bad*ss

Today, while visiting the Liberty Science Center, I picked up this incredibly fascinating tidbit about bees (laid out in the video below).

The gist: Queen bees are super badass. They have one job, and one job only, and it’s a BIG one. But their life also meets with a sad and frightening end.

While these creatures are hella smart, they’re clearly also incredibly efficient (and kinda cruel).

Here’s what I want to know (and feel free to chime in and answer, if you feel like you have a pertinent answer):

Does the Queen know that the workers are coming for her when it’s time? Does she try to “talk” her way out of it and fight them off, or give in, helplessly, to her fate?

Do they kill her off brutally? Or do they euthanize her, respectfully allowing her to rest in peace?

Does she ever get tired of laying 3,000 eggs in one day? ‘Cause I would.

What would happen if she took to social media, to vent? Like, if she went on Wingbook or Buzzer to express dismay at the ridiculous demands of her job?

Yes, these are the kinds of questions my imaginative (and sometimes scary) mind ponders in my free time. After a visit to the Liberty Science Center, of course.

Quite an entertaining afternoon!


Bee-Yond Being Bad*ss

Bees are a fascinating bunch. I learned something new (if not gasp-worthy!) about their queens today, at Newark's Liberty Science Center.


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