Best Ice Cream Evah

This is one of our family’s best well-kept secret. Kinda.

Truth is, not many supermarkets carry this brand, or flavor, on their shelves.

And so I have to be discreet with where I share this intel. And with whom.

You see, I find this relatively high-priced tub of goodness in only one local supermarket and I – no joke – typically clear out the freezer shelf of its contents when it’s stocked.

So to share this here with you pains me just a bit because it could potentially lead to the demise of my obsession.

In fact, my family may, single-handedly, be supporting the continued existence of this brand.

Which brings me to the actual best ice cream evah.

Alden’s ORGANIC (I mean, an organic ice cream? Ok…) mint chip ice cream.

Bam. You heard it here first.

(you can order it here, via Amazon Prime, and have it sitting in your own freezer, waiting to be devoured. Though I don’t think it will last..)

Best Ice Cream Evah

After reading this post, this post will self-destruct (so no one else gets wind of this..)


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