Rebirth: My Blog Gets an Overdue Vision Makeover

Rebirth: An Overdue Vision Makeover for this Blog


Who am I?


You may still find yourself unsure, I know. I’ve dabbled in a lot these past few years, but my vision is now clearer than it’s been before.


Maybe it’s due to my having left clinical medicine. I feel freer now than I have for quite some time.


But I’m not deserting what I set out to do, so long ago, when I took a vow to help others around me. I’m still intent on making a difference, and making a change, in whatever ways I can.


You see, I’m a physician turned entrepreneur with a passion for online creations.


I believe we can use our voice to impact the world, together, when we join the ‘existing’ virtual spaces of today, as professionals.



A globe rests atop a table, with a hand holding a magnifying lens to it. A photo of me is seen through the lens, and I'm laughing. Words: "I always dreamed of somehow changing the world. I decided to settle. If I can make just one person laugh, either with me, or at me, I'm good."




For me, finding an online outlet has meant not only being able to express myself in ways I never have before, but also opening up many career doors. You can check out my achievement list on this website, here.


I recently decided to leave behind clinical medicine in search of my entrepreneurial dreams, vowing to change healthcare, by not only writing on healthcare topics that have affected me, but also arming physicians with tools needed to do the same, in their own way. I created SoMeDocs – – which I am actively growing in parallel to this one.


Here, with my personal brand, I’m hoping to bring you along on my journey – seeing what I see, thinking what I think, and taking in the experiences that surround me, now that I have time to soak in the world.


Equipped with the quirky lens that I view life through, I’ll be sharing tidbits from here and there, in the hopes that I spark meaningful conversation among those reading my material, or at least inspire you to smile, or laugh.



lenses are held up by hands, and an image of Dr. Corriel can be seen, blended into those lenses, with a mask that says 2020 laying in front of her face. She writes: "We need to view life through unique angles in order to come up with new ways to make it even better."



I never dreamed I’d leave clinical medicine to do this.

But I’ve never felt happier, and truly think I can impact more of the world this way, outside of the stifling doors of today’s healthcare.


Will you join me?

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