Care to Take On A Little Board Game Challenge?

In Case You're 'Board': A Board Game Challenge in a Medical Visit
Dana Corriel, MD

Dana Corriel, MD

A board certified internal medicine physician who, mid-career, swapped stethoscope for computer screen, and has become a digital brand consultant. for individual health experts and businesses, alike.

Are You ‘Board’?

Care to Take on a Little Board Game Challenge?

I am, as some of the website’s loyal readers may already know, part of a board-game-loving family. I like to call myself board-game-philic. Not because there truly exists such a word, but because I love to do nerdy things like create words that sound scientific, while unsuccessfully attempting to be funny about it.

It’s also why I find myself in places where the shelves look like this:

A Board Game Challenge in a Medical Visit

(That was taken at the Uncommons, in NYC, btw. Yes, we do that. We’re that family.)

You can read about it here.

So, I set out to do something original, and create a challenge, fit for other board game lovers, just like us. I’m hoping you’re up for a challenge.

(nerds unite! *thumps chest with fist*)

I carefully constructed an absolutely pointless story, revolving around a fictitious medical visit, for nothing other than pure, unadulterated fun and a laugh.

If you’re up for testing your board game knowledge, then take on the challenge – it will at least keep you from being board!

In Case You're 'Board': A Board Game Challenge in a Medical Visit

Board-Game Lover’s Challenge

Board Game Challenge:

Identify all of the board games in the following medical visit. Then scroll down past the images for a chronological answer key. Let us know how many you got right in the comment section below, or just how fabulous you thought this was. 

Or don’t.

Good luck!

The Visit.

After I cleared the previous patient for his operation, I was ready for my last one of the day.

My receptionist had tried getting my attention – to mouth the name from her desk several feet away, or use code names I didn’t quite get. I still had no clue who was there.

So I took a deep breath, as I always did, when going into an exam room unprepared, and counted quickly in my mind –

uno, dos, tres.. go!

I turned the knob as my knuckles rapped on the door.

The knock was met with a cheerful, “Guess who!” from inside.

I couldn’t tell from her voice, but the moment that I saw her, Bingo – I knew exactly who she was. For several seconds, I stood there, dumb-founded.

Maybe it was the way she looked – so much happier than before – that gave me pause. But I needed to restrain myself from blurting out in surprise at seeing her there.

I remembered our first visit, when it had been taboo to cover any topic relating to her husband’s line of work.

He had owned a monopoly right before their divorce, and she had been wise enough to take the risk of including all of his assets in her suit against him. Subsequently, this paid off, as she won a big settlement against him – calling it her payday – before he got in all that trouble.

She had been the mastermind behind the whole thing, in fact – and only had herself to thank for the success of the suit. For that, I commend the intelligent use of her cranium.

And though she should have felt thankful that he was gone (the pandemic that swept through the prison got the better of him), she felt sorry that his life ended in that way.

I came in for a handshake, giving her a side glance, and trying to connect two and two (or maybe even connect four) as to how she had been able to survive. She was here now, in one piece, in front of me. For that, I was truly happy.

We exchanged pleasantries, and before I could say tic-tac-toe, the visit ended. She said her goodbye and left, having purchased a ticket to ride just hours before our visit, in order to avoid the impending twister that the weathermen has warned about in their forecast, and departing for her home.

Answer Key Below. 

Check out these posts when you’ve finished playing. Or just scroll past for answers. Either way, I thank you for following my writing. I strive for creativity and self-expression, on a regular basis. As you can see, I don’t always fit into a box. Certainly not into the medicine box we are sometimes expected to stay in, as doctors.

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A Board Game Challenge in a Medical Visit

Answers to Board Game Challenge (in order):




4. UNO

5. GO






11. RISK








19. LIFE





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