As I Picked Up My Stethoscope (Working Title): Inspiring Stories from Female Physicians



• Submissions are Officially Closed •


(open slots for this compilation have been filled! Thank you to all who submitted. Dr. Kimberly Greene-Leibowitz and I are curating the content we collected! Please subscribe to the blog for an update on when this is complete.)


Who Can Submit.

This book project is for female MD/DO or medical students only. Thank you for understanding and stay tuned for more projects that may be open to others.


Subject Matter.

The proposed book project is a collection of stories written by women in medicine. The GOAL is to inspire the younger generation to pursue the field of healthcare, despite its current broken state. With many physicians dissatisfied and looking for better gigs, I hope to show the positive side of what we do, so that there is a future in it for many years to come. The GOAL is also to allow a glimpse into the lives of women in medicine – the day to day nuances we face and the beauty in what we do.
We are hoping to divide the book into ’emotion’ sections, based on the emotions elicited by the individual pieces themselves. That should not affect submissions, as we’d like authentic pieces that are original and true.


We are collecting submissions now until November 9th.


Word Count.

Entries (unlimited amount) should be 1500-2000 (more is ok, if necessary to make the point) words in length.



Looking for unique stories that leave the reader stunned, touched, LOL’ing, or otherwise entertained in one form or another. We are keeping content rather open for interpretation, as we’d like to read about the real experiences of individual authors. Point we want to make is that we may all be female physicians, but we’re all different, too. Your piece will be chosen if it is unforgettable AND well-written. We allow for one or more periods of editing, as needed.
Mood-wise, we welcome anything from tear-jerkers to laugh-out-loud funny (at this time, we are in particular need for humorous pieces, as we have a nice number on death – naturally).
Work submitted must be original and not published elsewhere (or submitted elsewhere).


Projected Stages.

There may be an editing phase suggested, before a piece is accepted. Once accepted, story becomes exclusive to the collection and cannot be reproduced without consent.

Additional Details.

I am putting my own time, effort, and money into this project and its promotion, and giving it my all (along with Dr. Kimberly Greene-Liebowitz. Each accepted submission that gets published in the book will be credited with name and specialty of author, if not more (to be determined at a later date and agreed upon by authors). Financial loss or profit will accordingly be incurred by the editors, and not by authors.

Submit Email.

Please email your submission to, with Book Submission in the Subject Line.