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Branding Tip #10

Branding Tip #10

Branding doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s simply a concept that needs to be thought through.



I want you to say this louder, so the people in the back can hear.


And even if there aren’t any “people in the back”, because you’re reading this from the comfort of your own home, and not at a conference, I still want you to say it loudly.


To yourself. So you remember it.



Branding is a concept that you have to figure out.



In fact, I personally don’t believe that a brand can properly be birthed at its final state.


It needs time to take shape; to properly evolve.


So don’t feel pressured to get it right the first time around.



Give your brand the time that it deserves and cut yourself some slack.

it’s your brand, baby.

Branding 101

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

Dr. Corriel is a digital designer, healthcare social media strategist, and entrepreneur, who will be lead a Branding Masterclass through SoMeDocs.com. Sign up below for the wait list.

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