Bring Back the Warmth Healthcare Has Lost

I was moved beyond words when my friend Dr. Gabe Charbonneau tagged me on Twitter & shared the following 5-ish minute video.





Watch this because it’s incredibly satisfying to the soul.

You may need a tissue handy.




This is what it means to be human.

And this is EXACTLY what I feel has been extracted out of healthcare today; at least from the physician role (and I can confidently say that I’ve been convinced it’s being extracted out of others too, I just don’t have the first-hand experience to convince you of it). It’s the role I felt was the most important one that I, as primary care doctor, played.

This is what we NEED TO BRING BACK.




The patient-physician relationship has become cold. Transactional.

Commission-based algorithms dictate how fast we circle through patients, who NEED listening ears, advice, AND warmth.

We no longer look into patient eyes. We look into computers. & we’re not allowed to touch.

THIS is why I left.


(I’m committed to bringing about change, which I believe will eventually happen through online personal branding of individual physicians, using the online tools of today, and through the involvement of organizations that believe in rebuilding our healthcare system and support the autonomy (& happiness) of the “worker bees” within. See SoMeDocs).

Bring Back the Warmth Healthcare Has Lost


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