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No regrets


As a member of the Alumni Associations for the institutions I attended, I am frequently contacted by current students and recent graduates hoping to glean a bit of wisdom from my experience to help guide them as they enter the working world. A quote from one such conversation recently has stuck with me, and it makes me sad to consider it:


Sir, you are the only alumnus I have spoken to who is happy with his career and has no regrets.


I have to wonder what it was that would result in such bitterness, disappointment, and ruefulness on the part of my fellow alumni, who received, as I did, a top-notch education with bountiful career perspectives. At the same time, I began to consider what I had done differently.


One ingredient is undoubtedly the fact that I always had strong personal convictions about work and its place in my life. I almost never sacrificed long-term satisfaction for short-term gain; in the rare instances when I felt I had no choice, I resolved never to find myself in such situations again. I can truly say that I have made a difference for the people I worked with, many of whom were attracted to teams I was leading when nobody else would give them the chance they deserved, and they have gone on to become very successful in their own right.


I also remained attentive to opportunities consistent with those values. I have had my share of missteps, from failed projects to assignments that subjected me to constant harassment, but each provided me with an important lesson; as the saying goes, that which didn’t kill me has made me stronger. I have been blessed with the opportunities that have allowed me to ply my craft on 4 continents, including a 20-year stint living abroad in a place that many people dream of visiting for vacation.

So today, as I reach the final stages of my professional career, I can look back with no regrets, having made a difference, small as it might be, always being happy with what I was able to achieve, and never sacrificing my principles.

Bruce Epstein


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

An eerie legend loomed over the remnants of an abandoned carnival, in the small town of Ravenswood.