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Settlers of Cattan: Worth It

Settlers of Cattan: Worth It

My husband and I love to sit down to a juicy game of “Settlers” against our youngest son, who’s started to sometimes legitimately win.

Code Names

There’s no right or wrong, where it comes to Code Names. There’s just pure fun.

The Wimpy Kid 10-Second Challenge

(board game recommendation!)   It was on of those board-game-afternoons. You know the kind? It’s where you’re sitting around, with nothing too spectacular to do, and you’re just itchin’ to whip out something grand. Collect clues. Solve a puzzle. Become enthralled by the possible adventures you could have.. simply by

Things to Do While Stuck at Home: Quoridor (a video)

Sooo.. You’re stuck at home with nothing to do. Your kids looks bored. Here’s an idea! One of our beloved games, for two! (And thank you to our friend, Ann Shteynblik, for getting this for us for one of the kids’ birthdays!)

Board Game Recommendation and a Blue Memory

Board Game Recommendation and a Blue Memory

‪ When Jared (my husband) and I were in medical school, a popular dance song hit the airwaves. Every. Single. Day. Mind you, we didn’t have any fancy music players back then, like we do today, which play the exact song you want to hear at the exact moment you

In Case You're 'Board': A Board Game Challenge in a Medical Visit

Care to Take On A Little Board Game Challenge?

Are You ‘Board’? Care to Take on a Little Board Game Challenge? I am, as some of the website’s loyal readers may already know, part of a board-game-loving family. I like to call myself board-game-philic. Not because there truly exists such a word, but because I love to do nerdy

8 Reasons Your Child Should Play Board Games!

8 Reasons Your Child Should Play Board Games

8 Reasons Your Child Should Play Board Games     I grew up loving board games. I felt a natural proclivity towards them, as a child, because they kept me so engaged from an early age. At a time when electronics were not as sophisticated as they are today, they were