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A dissection into what makes others attain what can feel unattainable.

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Atasha Jordan

Is attaining happiness possible? “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things” Everyone is capable of achieving happiness, but the actual attainment of happiness is largely based on our perspective. The age-old adage about the cup of water being half full vs half

Project Dissecting Happiness: Jennifer Yanowitz

Jennifer Yanowitz

  What Is Happiness?   A temporary state of being. An emotion that links the heart and the mind.  Fleeting.  The gold standard of what should be – setting us up to know the taste of it but also the unsustainability.   My children always but also limited to sometimes. 

Michael Emmerich

  Standing Serene – March 09, 2019   in the waxing and waning of life as the sea of tranquillity transforms with the fast-approaching misfortunes of poseidon be that island of serenity in the raging storms and pounding waves of life’s tempest ….. just stand serenely and be       Michael Emmerich is professional

Project Dissecting Happiness: Bruce Epstein

Bruce Epstein

  No regrets   As a member of the Alumni Associations for the institutions I attended, I am frequently contacted by current students and recent graduates hoping to glean a bit of wisdom from my experience to help guide them as they enter the working world. A quote from one

Connie Sullivan

  I met Connie at a local coffee shop, along with her husband, Sully, who weighed in on ‘Dissecting Happiness’.   At 86, Connie tells me she’s lived a happy life.   She says, “We live through our problems. My life is great because I have a wonderful family.”  

Marlene Wust Smith

  I was asked by the amazing Dr. Dana Corriel to document how I find happiness, tackle innovation OR stay resilient.   For me, all three are simultaneously interconnected. I am at my happiest when I tackle innovation, and this, in turn, makes me a resilient human being.    I

Joannie Yeh

  Happiness is feeling joyful and glad.   For me, that comes from a mix of external circumstances, innate personality, and intentional attitude. I humbly admit that being born into a supportive family with a reliable community of friends has factored into my ability to feel joy. Even in the

Robert Sullivan

Robert “Sully” Sullivan

  I met Robert and his wife, Connie, sitting at my local coffee house. At 88 and 86, respectively, they exuded happiness. So I introduced myself and we started chatting.   Here’s what Sully had to say: When you get up in the morning, you “gotta be happy.” He still