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Laugh or Cry?

Laugh or Cry: A COVID-Era Dilemma

I tried to process this info; the reality that had seeped into our lives. Fact was, my husband, a grown man, had resorted to wearing a child’s swim goggle from 5 years back.

A Post-Confession Confession

A Post-Confession Confession

Update.   I cried the other night, after pressing publish on the button that spilled the beans on the intimate fact that I had officially left the exam room. I had done the unthinkable & performed a healthcare mic drop. The tearful incident occurred as I re-read the announcement out

Rebirth: An Overdue Vision Makeover for this Blog

Rebirth: My Blog Gets an Overdue Vision Makeover

  Who am I?   You may still find yourself unsure, I know. I’ve dabbled in a lot these past few years, but my vision is now clearer than it’s been before.   Maybe it’s due to my having left clinical medicine. I feel freer now than I have for

Finding the Right Fit When Searching for a Primary Care Doctor

(THAT puzzle piece)   When I think of the process of finding the right fit, where it comes to a primary care physician, my best advice is to approach it like you would dating. Not actual dating, of course, just the approach to dating. Now, before you giggle, or raise

Facebook in a glittery sign, with the words: 'should it meddle in healthcare' underneath.

Should Facebook Meddle in Healthcare?

(Should Facebook and our health hold hands?)   I served on a 10-day panel as social media expert, run by the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) on Nov – , in which I was asked questions about social media use, as a physician, online, and then answered them at

Physician Reviews: Should Doctors Prioritize Pleasing?

Physician Reviews: Should Doctors Prioritize Pleasing?

(Yours truly, in Medical Economics)   I was recently interviewed by a journalist from Medical Economics, who was writing an article on physician reviews. Now, I’ve tackled this issue on the backend of my blog numerous times. In fact, I have quite number of unpublished posts that I just can’t