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Social media can be rough. So I’m here to iron out of some of those kinks for ‘ya, with advice, commentary, tips & tricks.

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Mindset for Branding Tips

Digital Advice Quickies

8 digital advice quickies, to get you motivated to build your online brand (with digitally-manipulated art to accompany each).

Social Media is the Billboard in an Online Highway

Capturing Eyeballs on the Online Highway

Some days, those two cents in my pocket feel like they’re burning a hole. They just have to get let out. So the other day, when I saw a recommendation flash before my eyes, mid-Linkedin-scroll, I couldn’t help but weigh in with them. Here was the post that caught my

Think Outside the Box

Social media isn’t just about presence. It takes more than having a profile. It’s about getting creative with the space you claim. The right order to do it in is as follows: Claim stake to your space online. Your own website or podcast, for example. Then, build space for yourself