The Good-ish Parent

I always imagined I’d make the perfect parent. Sadly, it didn’t turn out quite that way and, over the years, I had to lower expectations. Today, I’m more than happy (& quite proud, actually) to have comfortably settled into the “good-ish” category. I make one hell of a “good-ish” parent.

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More Than Just a Pit in My Stomach

The Pit in My Stomach

The night I turned 27, I had this pit in my stomach that just wouldn’t go away. We were out in NYC, at a fancy schmancy eatery. It was something we did from time to time; wishfully pretending, for just one night, that we were members of NYC elite. In

What's Up with Children & Wintertime T-Shirts?

What’s Up with Children & Wintertime T-Shirts?

(trying to understand children..)   Me: why in the world are you wearing a T-shirt to school? My son: it’s warm out! Me: *frantically scrolling through apps to confirm he‘s capable of making appropriate personal decisions and hasn’t somehow ‘lost it’ along the way*   Me, after verifying actual outdoor