The Good-ish Parent

I always imagined I’d make the perfect parent. Sadly, it didn’t turn out quite that way and, over the years, I had to lower expectations. Today, I’m more than happy (& quite proud, actually) to have comfortably settled into the “good-ish” category. I make one hell of a “good-ish” parent.

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Eight Ideas for Staying Happy

The American Pursuit Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. Many of us are still trying to pursue that last bit. But what defines the achievement of happiness? Money? Love? Children? And, more importantly, can we stay happy while we’re

8 Ways to Limit Sugar (in Children)

Limiting Sugar Intake Willy Wonka welcomed children into his factory and weeded them out one by one. How do we ensure we don’t raise an Augustus Gloop? Or how do we turn Willy Wonkas into Wonder Women? A lot of research this day and age focuses on the health of our young

Paying It Forward: An Orange Thingamabob Helps Out a Stranger

I know you’re confused, but allow me to explain. While at the hospital accompanying a friend for her surgery, I brought along a present, a surprise orange thingamabob called Laffy Laffalot, who I write about in a separate article, called Laughter is Medicine: An Orange Thingamabob Teaches Us a Lesson.

Laughter is Medicine: An Orange Thingamabob Teaches Us a Lesson

Laughter is such a beautiful remedy. What if I told you it came in a box? (Hint: it does!) The Backstory: I accompanied a close friend of mine to the hospital the other day for a difficult surgery. It wasn’t the procedure itself that was difficult, per se, as it

The Day I wore a Superhero Cape

The day my son heard me take that business call, I laughed so hard, I worried that my tear ducts would dry right up. Allow me to set up the scene. The kids and I are in our family car, driving up our street and into the driveway, back from an activity, when a call comes