Comic Relief Contributions from My Children, Take Three

(pictured above) *6-years old and already belting it out in the house like a tween* Family friend, 8: “My dad looks at the phone while he’s driving.” My 9-year old: “My dad always does that.” My 6-year old: “My brother always farts in the car.” 6-year old: “Where’s grandma?” Me: “She’s shopping.” 6-year old: “Uhhhh, why […]

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Behind the Scenes of a Three-Boy Household

Well, make that four. You know exactly why the count went up, right? For those of you that don’t, and need clarification, I’m referring to the fathers in this scenario. In this case, and in most cases of three-boy households, you’ve actually got yourself four of them at home. Yes, the husband counts. But, for the […]

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Why Navigating Through Jersey Gives Me a Headache

A book of maps is opened, with a set of glasses on top.

Traveling down the New Jersey Turnpike is like completing a puzzle that you just can’t solve, despite full concentration. I don’t think there has been a trip yet where I was able to arrive safely at my destination without any complications, when the New Jersey Turnpike is in any way involved. What is it About Jersey? […]

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My Love Affair, A Confession

An obsession I am literally obsessed and it’s destroying me. It started out so innocently. But it spiraled out of control. And fast. We met at a French cafe, just a few years back. I knew immediately, on the spot, that it was right. It felt right. I wasn’t really hurting anyone. Not if no one […]

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Cookie Insomnia

Cookie Insomnia, occurred after the ingestion of multiple Moroccan-style cookies at a friend's! The story..

Can sugar cause insomnia? You betcha. I paid the price for this one night at a friend’s, when served some deliciously sleep-depriving Moroccan treats. The following is how things went down. We were at a friend’s house on Saturday night, when I started feeling hungry. It had been an hour or so since we finished […]

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