I am Chia Pet- Hear Me Roar!

A look back at a dcoctor's grade school days and the power of words.

I’ve always been fascinated by words. Words hold such power- enough to move even the bravest among us to tears. They can put a smile on your face and even make your entire day instantaneously better. Why do they affect us so much? They are, after all, made up of a few simple letters, strung […]

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NYC Mobile Flower Truck

Uprooted mobile flower shop seen from the front, at its full

I was walking down the flatiron district of NYC with my family today when I ran into this beauty. I’ve seen many of these trucks around the city, but they usually sell ice cream, gyros, even cupcakes. This was the first one I ran into selling flowers. Yes, flowers! Needless to say, the truck was decorated in beautiful turquoise […]

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