Memorable Moments from a Turkish Store

Stumbling upon a Turkish store in Sarasota, Florida, allowed me to reconnect with some delicacies from my past. I may not be Turkish, but I definitely regularly enjoy their cuisine.

Content that Revolves Around Dessertd

Content that Includes Desserts Dessert Tales I stumble upon incredible desserts that are WAY too scrumptious not to share. And so I’m sharing them, right here in a curated collection.

Content that Revolves Around Noodles

Content that Revolves around Noodles Together story Together-Stories are built purely from audience participation. Story segments are added sequentially, with audience submissions determining where the story goes..  Join the story, become an author in this book..

New York 1901 Board Game

build skyscrapers! New york 1901 Another board game we’ve grown quite fond of playing. Build skyscrapers throughout the area, in a 1901 New York. Watch a reel with this game. Watch Us Play A Reel from Insta! Buy It Here

Unravel Your Digital Space

digital advice shorties

Digital Advice for the Professional   If you’re reading this, your digital space is likely still sitting there, barren. Most of you, from my experience, don’t move on that desire to plant something in the digital space, simply because it feels like too much. You’re already busy, and there’s just too many moving parts to […]

Roasting Asparagus with Children

I freakin’ love roasting asparagus. But you know what’s even better than roasting asparagus? Roasting asparagus with children.