Best Ice Cream Evah

Best Ice Cream Evah

After reading this post, this post will self-destruct (so no one else gets wind of this..)

Eggplant Pizzas

These eggplant pizzas rock. They’re mounds of both yumminess AND nutrients.

Mustard, Jekyll, and Hyde

I scored this Mustard fedora in Malaga, while there with my mini-me (grab a similar one from Amazon, with free delivery for Prime members to boot, here). He was so patient for the first 5 minutes of perusing the store in which I found it (nestled there on a shelf, all on its lonesome self) […]

A Malagan Turquoise

Apparently, this “sedated”  turquoise color is called “Ocean Trip”. Seeing this photo conjures up really fond memories of last summer for me. With 11 by my side, we flew to the Southern part of Spain and spent an incredibly enriching few nights there, soaking up the warm, salty air of this port town, and visiting […]

Orange You Glad to See Me?

I have this habit of falling in love with home decor that’s really vibrant, and then being stuck with where to put said decor. Take this chair. I mean, gorgeous. But unless everything’s completely neutral, and you’re using this hot orange as an access, the vibrant items kinda.. well, pile up on you. Needless to […]

Super Greens

Did you honestly believe greens were only for the uber-healthy? Well, they’re not. They may be packed with nutrients where it comes to real-world veggies, but they’re also packed with oooh’s and ahhh’s when the design-savvy amongst us are involved.   (pictures: mua, in my bedroom, trying on a skirt).