Is Design Thinking the 2021 Trend?

Is Design Thinking the New 2021 Trend?

  “Design Thinking”. Have you heard of the term?   Even if you haven’t, chances are, you’ve likely taken this on in your social media journey.   Here’s the definition, for those wondering what it is. The source is an internet space called  “Interaction Design Foundation”, right here:   Design Thinking is an iterative process […]

What Does a Spoon and a Physician Have in Common?

(Social media advice)   It sounds like at the start of a bad joke:   “What does a spoon and a physician have in common?”   But you’d be surprised at the usefulness a spoon can bring to promoting a standout physician brand. It’s just one example of how creative we can be, when seeking […]

Is Online Branding Really THAT Important to a Professional?

Is Online Branding Really All THAT Important to a Professional?

    I’ll begin with the short of the long: In 2020, YES. It’s important.     This is especially true as a professional. Whether you’re hoping to move the needle in your field, network, or simply push business forward, the online space provides a powerful tool with which to do so much.      […]

What is the Difference Between a Facebook Personal and Business Page?

What is the Difference Between Facebook Personal and Business Page?

  I got asked this fantastic question by a physician in the physicians-only SoMeDocs group on Facebook: (to join, simply click into the link, subscribe, and even join as an official member – we get tons of perks!)     “What is the difference between a Facebook personal and business page?”       It […]

A Video Light Recommendation

What I Use to Light Up My LIVE Videos

 A Video Light Recommendation   (what I use to light up my LIVE videos)       I recently wrote about a desktop ring-light, which I still frequently use, both in office and on the road.   But because I’ve become a content creator, I really needed to kick things up a “teenie” notch; especially […]