The Good and the Not-So-Good of Physician Influencers

(should physicians be influencers?)   The online world has become quite crowded over the past few years, as healthcare makes its way into its limelight. The experts of healthcare are in the playing field, and yet we’re actively trying to figure out how to play.   So why not have an open conversation about the […]

Creating a Healthcare Donut?

What if we could create a healthcare in which teaching healthy habits was as luring as the donut that winks up at us from its place on the shelf?   I had a vision to create ‘healthcare donuts’, and then SoMeDocs was born:    

Interview with Author Nir Eyal of ‘Hooked’ & ‘Indistractable’, Part 2

Interview with Author Nir Eyal of ‘Hooked’ & ‘Indistractable’, Part II

(aaand.. part II!)   I sat down to a phone interview one socially distanced morning with Nir Eyal, author of the books Hooked and Indistractable. This is part II of our interview, in which we speak about: distractions vs diversions, Eyal’s healthcare diagnosis, & how we can enforce better focus where children’s playdates are concerned. […]

Interview with Author Nir Eyal of ‘Hooked’ & ‘Indistractable’

Interview with Author Nir Eyal of 'Hooked' & 'Indistractable'

(Indistractable) Connecting with an Author I hopped on a call with the author of a fabulous book that I read a few months back called Indistractable. It focuses on the distractions of living in the world today, and gets you thinking about kicking those distractions to the curb, using a fresh new angle.     […]