Clue Climb: FAQ’s

*Do I need a Facebook account?
Yes, the climb/race takes place in a private FB group.
*Can I play against my friends?
Absolutely. You can play in real-time against people you know, with the understanding that the first person to solve the climb, is the winner.
*Is there a specific age-group this is for?
Nope. The climb/race is meant for teams of family members. However, depending on difficulty, the presence of an adult on a team could serve as useful.
*If this is played at home, how do we know people aren’t cheating?
We don’t. But the race is built with this in mind. It challenges participants to think outside the box, using their imagination. Clues will sometimes also require a quick online search.
*Can the game be played at my own pace?
Absolutely. If you don’t care about winning the price, take your time.
*What I don’t know the answer to a clue?
There will be ‘clue boosts’ to the clues that are more difficult to solve. The boosts are additional hints to help teams, and are released about 10 minutes later (in order to give a head start to the teams who solve the clues right away).
*How will I know that the next clue has been posted?
You won’t unless you repeatedly refresh your screen. Or use the ‘search’ function to
actively look for the number of corresponding next clue. It is up to you to keep up. Clues are released 2-4 minutes apart (with ‘boosts’ in between).
*Will I be able to win the climb/race, even if I don’t answer all clues correctly?
Yes, that is a possibility.
*Who wins?
The first team to send a DM to the admin of the FB group with the correct answer wins.
But guessing incorrectly means you must wait a full 5 minutes before sending in another guess.