Clue Climb How-To-Play!


How To Play.


In preparation for Sunday’s real time race (scheduled live at 7 PM EST), here are some how-to’s:


At 7 PM EST, be ready to go in this FB group, along with your team.


Clues will be released every 2-4 minutes. Most are sequential, meaning: you’ll need to solve one clue in order to solve the next.


There could potentially be more than one answer or interpretation. That’s ok. This is a puzzle. You’ll have to figure things out the way they’re meant to be solved.


Read things CAREFULLY. We can’t stress this enough.


There will be ‘clue boosts‘ posted in timed intervals to help with difficult clues. For example, if you cannot solve clue #4, you can use the ‘clue #4 boost’ that gets posted 10 minutes after the initial clue. This way, if you’re stumped, you get a 2nd chance, while reciting those who didn’t need any hint (those who solved it right away have already moved ahead).


You will need a notepad on which to record the ‘FINAL HINTS’ list. You will be told when answers go on this list, and will use this list to solve the final, grand finale question.


You do NOT need to send answers to anyone. Just the final answer!


Please private message your FINAL answer to the group admin – that’s me! – once your team solves it. You get ONLY ONE try every 5 minutes. This means that if your answer is wrong, you MUST wait a full 5 minutes to guess again. So don’t waste your attempt!



1st place: $30 Amazon gift car

2nd place: $20 Amazon gift card.


(You could also win separate ‘things’ along the way..)


Click HERE for FAQ’s.


Note: you don’t have to play to win. You can play for fun! You can also play against your own pre-determined teams. OR if you can’t make it to the live race, you can have it hosted separately at your convenience (at a later time).


Please throw out unanswered questions below! I am putting together a Frequently Asked Questions section on my website, as well as a sample hint to give you a ‘feel’!


Sample ‘clue‘ coming later!