Code Names. Bam.


Who out there’s a gamer like me?‬

I’m picking up that some of you may be finally admitting to it; even if you mumble it under your breath.)

To those of you who don’t yet value games, I wrote out 8 reasons your child should play board games (pssst.. you’ll get an A+ if you play along with them).

To those of you that do, I found a photo nestled in my ‘favorites’ list the other day, and gave it an artistic tweak.

I then asked who knew what game it was, and then got to work writing out this post.



Code Names: a piece from the game.

Those of you who guessed that it was “Code Names” got it right.‪

.. and those of you that didn’t, are clearly missing out.



It’s a family favorite ‘round these parts..‬

And here’s basically how it’s played:





Two teams send a hint-giving representative to sit across from them; one from each.

The card above is shown to the hint-givers, who use it to dictate that round’s rules.

The diagram represents a layout for the board of words laid out in the middle.





Each team’s hint-giver must conquer their colored words (blue or red) by giving their teammates a single word as a hint on a single turn, along with a number.

That number represents how many words they are to guess.

The fun happens when team members are instructed to guess more than one word per the single hint given (as many as the number given by the hint-giver).

There’s just a bit more to the rules than this, but I don’t want to over-complicate things. Without the game in front of you, it could sound confusing.

Trust me when I say that it’s pretty straightforward, and a whole lot of fun.



Playing this not only translates into precious bonding time with your fam,

but also exercises the mind.

I’m talkin’ use of descriptive adjectives, collaborative teamwork, and laughs.


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Code Names

There's no right or wrong, where it comes to Code Names. There's just pure fun.


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