Comic Relief Contributions from My Children, Part One

The boys, goofballs by nature, play the whipped-cream-in-the-face game

You know those times when you just wish another adult was around to share the hilarity of the moment with?

I decided to keep track and write those moments down.

Here are a few, in the first of a series of posts, my blog’s own version of comic relief.

Me, to sick 6-year old: “Jude, stop complaining about your cold. You know there’s a joke out there about how men can’t deal with colds and women have to do everything under the sun, even when we’re sick? Do you know we give birth to babies?”

6-year old *thinking this over* : “That’s good because I’m not gonna be one. I’m gonna be a dad.”

Self-explanatory photo:

Studying Hard or Hardly Studying is superimposed on my son, asleep on his bed, his feet hanging off the edge.. two beautiful pillows are seen, spelling out LOVE when places together

6-year old: “Mom, my nip.”

Me: “What?”

6-year old: “My nip.”

Me: “Your What???”

6-year old: “My nipalizer.”

6-year old *Angry, because I’m trying to keep it together* : “Remember you said when I’m ready I can use that machine for my cold?”

Pictured below, using his nebulizer.

my son stands, getting a nebulizer treatment, as he laughs behind the nose piece

9-year old *complimenting himself on apparent strides he’s taken as an older brother* : “I suddenly became so generous with Jude (6-year old brother).”

The generous one and his lucky brother, pictured below.

the generous one and his brother

Me *grinds pepper using a very loud grinder*.

12-year old, from the bathroom: “Is that you laughing?”

Me *depressed as I come to the realization that my laugh resembles the sound made by a pepper grinder*.

True story.

A pepper mill is pictures in the background, and the words say, "Apparently, my laughter sounds like the pepper getting crushed by our pepper mill." Then, "Kids. crushingly brutal honesty delivered daily."

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