Comic Relief Contributions from My Children, Take Three

(pictured above)

*6-years old and already belting it out in the house like a tween*

Family friend, 8: “My dad looks at the phone while he’s driving.”

My 9-year old: “My dad always does that.”

My 6-year old: “My brother always farts in the car.”

6-year old: “Where’s grandma?”

Me: “She’s shopping.”

6-year old: “Uhhhh, why does every girl like to shop?”

Comic Relief from my Children

9-year old, referring to a place we are heading to: “Is there anyone I know there?

Dad: “Doubtful.”

9-year old: “Do I know him?”

Dad: “I don’t think you’ve met him before.”

9-year old: “Will there be anyone else?”

12-year old is doing homework in the kitchen area and asks Alexa for the square root of 69.

Me: “Shouldn’t you be doing this yourself?”

12-year old: “We are supposed to be using a calculator, so it’s perfect, because Alexa is my new artificial intelligence.”

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