Comic Relief Contributions, the Kids- Take Two

Comic Relief Contributions from the Children, Part Two

My kids offer their weekly dose of comic relief, condensed into this short post. Take two (Part I can be read here).

Woke up this morning to this horrifyingly sweet gesture of love from my little one. Nothing says love like a bunch of tiny aliens  lined up in the shape of a heart, right next to a toy grenade.

A grenade in the shape of a heart. Oh, the oxymoron!


My baby loves me.

My 6-year old is whining, frustrated with his homework.

6-year old: “You don’t know what it’s like to have to do this.”

Me: “Are you kidding me? I did it for so many years!”

6-year old: Not at Mackay, you didn’t (Mackay being his school). You don’t know what it’s like at Mackay.

Me: “Would you like more couscous?”

12-year old: “No, thank you. Carbs.”

Well-deserved recognition to my husband, the other Dr. Corriel, for getting a mention on our son’s ‘Meet My Hero’ Project.
Meet My Hero goes to.. (drumroll please)- My husband, that's who!

I did get honorary mention, verbally, along the lines of, “If I could have chosen two heroes, I would have added you.” Silver Medal Meet My Hero Winner – Score. Also worth a mention is that yours truly was actually the one who administered first class ‘medical attention’ to the ‘stomach hurts’ scenario mentioned. I’m just saying.

Just think of these mischievous faces the next time your own little ones act up.. and give him one big kiss because they’ll only be this goofy/silly/cuddly once.

Squeeze them tight tonight, even when they're being silly/goofy/mischievous, because they're only little once!

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