Need help spicing up your online presence?

Here's What I do.

I help to up-level otherwise dry digital presence.

In simple terms this means that:

– I make your page look & feel unlike others.

– I add uniqueness to topics that are otherwise perceived as ‘dry’.

– I create a visually stimulating journey to take your readers on, which I love referring to as “the experience”.

The bottom line?

I help make content stand out. Let’s build an online experience together.


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I help make digital content exciting visually-appealing stand out catchy that converts clients .

A few accomplishments:

I have:

  • - been named Medscape's Top Twenty Physician Influencers in 2019

  • - been named Top Ten Internists to Follow on Twitter by Medical Economics in 2018

  • - been featured in multiple publications, including LA Times, Boston Globe, Huff Post, SELF, Medscape, Medical Economics, EP Lab Digest, Gastro & Endo News

  • - spoken at multiple conferences and events, including the Harvard Writer's Healthcare CME Conference.

  • - spoken at the UN Commission for the Status of Women/AMWA

  • - been co-curating a book: compilation of fabulous short stories by women physicians

  • - been heard on multiple podcasts, speaking about innovating, thinking outside of the box in healthcare, branding and social media strategy

  • - created organic traction on a movement that now spans across social media platforms and have sparked numerous physician-created brands and companies

my flavor.

I’m thrilled to have helped infuse “flavor” into the work of physicians everywhere, over these past few years. Thank you for placing your trust in my skills & for helping me become an active part of the healthcare digital revolution.

I can’t wait to see what other projects I’ll have the privilege to work on next!

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