Here's What I do.

I help professionals understand how to market their expertise & become more enticing consultants, speakers, writers, or coaches, by standing out from the crowd. I help to up-level otherwise dry presence, so that more clients take interest in hiring you.

My skills include:

– copywriting, which can transform how you describe your services, in order to make them feel fresh & unique to potential clients.

– adding a twist to offerings/projects that are otherwise run-of-the-mill.

– creating visually-stimulating content in the digital world of today, where you’ll be marketing¬† your own ‘special sauce’ to your audience, so they remember you.

Bottom line?

I help unravel the complicated journey every professional needs to take, when building their own services in the world of today. Let’s create something beautiful together.


  • Initial 45-Minute Consultation $199

    I'm available for individualized advice & guidance, for anyone who's either just starting out in the online world, or those already engaged in it, but need ideas, support, and direction. Note: this is NOT for medical advice. Although my medical degree and experience working in healthcare does come in handy for healthcare brands looking to grow online, my services are digital-related.

  • Monthly Package $499/month

    Professionals today need more than just a single consulting session.. They need ongoing guidance. More hand-holding. They want to be sure they're doing things the right way, as they build up. It helps tremendously to have someone experienced, who they can turn to when issues arise, to turn to, in order to make their journey smoother. My monthly package offers a way for me to be right there with you, as you build, giving you access to my unique ideas and skills, for you projects. I'm great to brainstorm with, and guide you through the path to your success. You get one-on-one help each month (choose between a 60 minute monthly session, or two 20--minute bi-weekly sessions), and you'll additionally be able to message with me regularly, with any questions that arise (with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround, though I'll usually respond as soon as I can, when it's during workday hours).

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I help make digital content exciting appealing sexy catchy effective

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