Cookie Insomnia

Cookie Insomnia, occurred after the ingestion of multiple Moroccan-style cookies at a friend's! The story..

Can sugar cause insomnia? You betcha. I paid the price for this one night at a friend’s, when served some deliciously sleep-depriving Moroccan treats.

The following is how things went down.

We were at a friend’s house on Saturday night, when I started feeling hungry. It had been an hour or so since we finished dessert and it was one of those nights when nosh was called for.

I pointed this out and was accompanied to the food pantry, where I hand selected a box of Moroccan baked goods. Cookie by cookie, the night air filled with sugary chuckles.

The content of the box was gradually dwindling and supplies were appeared to be scarce. As I bit into the second to last one, I knew this was the end.

In true Corriel fashion (my husband can attest to this, as this phenomenon is fail-proof in its reproducibility), I left the last of the Moroccan cookies nestled safely in its place.

If it stays in its box, after all, the last of the treats, it serves as a thank-you card, we’ve unconsciously decided before. It tells my host, “I’m much obliged for allowing me to partake in this snack, and here’s a little piece for you, as a testament for just how much I care.”

Like a goodie bag after a shindig, but reversed because the host gets the prize.

It would have been wrong to finish the entire cookie collection and I knew it. I was being polite!

As I mentioned, this happens to us each time we share food, my husband and I, and without fail. We will happily devour a heavy dessert, nipping away at the bits, fighting fast through the rich decadence, just until that last little bit.A single cookie left on the plate - always happens when my husband and I dine out.

That teeny morsel, the 4 millimeter wee remnant, will perch on the plate, as if affirming to our partner, “There you go, darling, have the last bite. You’re welcome.”

It makes us feel like the unofficial ‘martyr’ of the pair.

And what does that make of the one who eats that last piece, the so called ‘one that caves’?

Well, I say it makes that person one bite happier. And darn good-looking, too. Maybe because that person almost inevitably ends up being me.

That Saturday night, 3 AM came and went, and so did my zzz’s. I had it coming. That’s what I got for eating an entire box of sugary deliciousness, minus one.

Cookies piled up high like a tower



For me, it’s the way things work, and it’s that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

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