Plant, black and white

I found this beautiful, slender plant, in the corner of my parents’ home.

“Why is this plant in a time out?” I thought.

But just as I thought this, I realized that it was such a “mom” thing to think. Like, who thinks of a plant in that way?

I, for one, would have never certifiably thought of it, before having kids.

But then I also wondered why the concept of a “time out” has such negative connotation to it.

I mean, why are corners so incredibly despised?

Even Patrick Swayze thinks it!

“No one puts baby in the corner,” he said, back when he dirty danced.

(Randomly relevant aside: my son asked if I knew “Patrick S’ways”, back when he was younger and, ever since then, we call him that. Saw Donnie Darko with him the other day, in fact, and he was in it. “Look! It’s Patrick S’ways!” we exclaimed, and had ourselves a chuckle. I really need to show him Ghost.)

So for reasons that are inexplicable – other than my possessing an utterly nonsensical imagination – I’m advocating that corners get a better rap.

I’m asking for us all to please reframe how we think of ‘em and just give corners a chance.

Now, do corners stand for something bigger, something more? They quite possibly do.

But I’m not going to give you that answer. That’s for you to decide.

“Corners” are different for each & every one of us. Our corner is whatever it is, in our lives, that’s deserving of a second chance.

The Flowers That Got a Corner Time-Out

Do corners deserve a second chance? I advocate that they do.


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