Crinckley Butternut Squash

I love using pre-cut veggies for my meals. It’s always better when they’re cut, sure. But who’s really got extra time these days to peel and chop and everything else that’s required of us when we’ve committed to preparing a meal?

Fancy people use the term “prep”.

But I’m not fancy.

So again, pre-cut. And preferably from Trader Joe’s. For the simple reason that Trader Joe’s has great-quality food, at great prices, and almost always with fantastic customer service.

I’m really appreciative of good customer service, the older I get. It doesn’t have to just stop at healthcare, where you’d expect the people interacting with you to be pleasant, at the least. It can certainly extend into other everyday interactions, and my supermarket trip should be included.

In this case, I pick up a package of pre-cut butternut squash. They’re crinkled, to be exact.

And then, when it’s time to whip up din-din, I just empty them out into a bowl, coat them generously in EVOO, oregano, pepper, and salt, and then into the air fryer they go. 8-10 minutes later (careful not to leave them in for too long, as these particular ones are cut thin and get baked fast!) and they’re golden and melt in your mouth.

(Trivia time: is butternut squash a veggie or a fruit? Let me know on my Insta, here)

Crinkly Butternut Squash

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