I saw a movie last night and loved it.

I recommend that you see it and then come discuss it here with me!

My Twitter Thread, unrolled below:

(and a warning, it’s got spoilers!)


‪Watched @uncutgems last night, & WOW. Intense. Disturbing.‬

‪I can’t shake the ending off. & btw, SPOILER ALERT ahead (If u haven’t seen it, go watch. & tell me what u think)‬

‪What really stuck out was how nothing seemed 2 work out for Howard (@AdamSandler) the entire movie..‬

I covered this in an Instagram story thread!

‪2/6 Until that very end, when he finally strikes it big.. but then..‬

‪The finality of this intense character happens so very suddenly. We – the viewers – have no time to prepare! It comes at you entirely from left field. And, ironically, on the high note of the win!‬


‪‪3 of 6:‬

‪What stands out in particular r ALL of the chances the criminals have to hurt Howie – to take out their revenge; & yet they wait until the VERY END – the moment in which all debt can actually be settled – the HIGH NOTE – to make it happen.‬

‪And it all happens so FAST!‬

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‪The entire movie is focused on character development, shedding light on the neurotically greedy man at the center of it all, only to end things so abruptly, in an unexpected snap;‬

‪Not the usual Hollywood “dance”. Just bam.‬

‪It real added to the overall feel.‬


‪‪5 of 6:‬

‪Last but not least: that peaceful “end smile”.‬

‪The character is finally quiet, and somehow morbidly at peace.‬

‪Is it because he’s coming off of such a big win? Or that he finally has no worries?‬

‪Either way, the movie’s #art.‬

‪6 of 6:‬

‪This time REALLY ‘last but not least’, what happens to girlfriend? I can only assume she meets same end as his.‬

‪What, with that amount of cash walking around, & everyone around her knowing..‬

‪But maybe she somehow lives?‬

‪Would love to hear what u think of whole thing!‬

Cutting through Uncut Gems


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

An eerie legend loomed over the remnants of an abandoned carnival, in the small town of Ravenswood.