A collection of 8 short advice articles, centered around the mindset of venturing into unchartered territories of “digital space”. They’re mindset-primers to consider, before taking that leap.

Digital Advice Quickies

Unsolicited, but from the heart

Below is a collection of general digital advice, for anyone who’s contemplating building space in the online world (which I highly recommend). Each of the images attached were created by me, and most (the bird image is the only exception) incorporate simple snapshots taken by my iPhone.

digital advice shorties

Travel On the Airwaves

Nothing will ever replace the amazing adventure of real-life travel. But man, does the digital space come close.

digital advice shorties

Unravel Your Digital Space

Digital Advice for the Professional   If you’re reading this, your digital space is likely still sitting there, barren. Most of you, from my experience,