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Digital Advice


Tips are fab.

So go ahead soak them in..

But always do this with a grain of salt.

Others don’t always have the best of advice, and it quite frankly, doesn’t always fit.

Each of us is riding along the path of our own life’s trajectory, in our very own boats, and this means we have individualized needs and wants.

Here’s an idea (& because this advice image originated in Italy, I’ll take up this tip to speak about wine):

Approach other people’s advice like it’s fine wine.

Swish it around your cup, let its flavors mix and open up.

Now take a whiff. But don’t jump to replicate it quite yet.

Take a sip and allow the advice-wine to percolate through your taste buds and sit there a while, before deciding for yourself if it’s truly worth following.

I’ve personally experienced all kinds of advice-wines over the years; some have been high-end advice, which I’ve truly enjoyed ‘drinking’ over the years; but I’ve also seen my fair share of kool-aids.

Remember this: your digital space is yours.

So it’s ok – no, it’s recommended! – to give it its own spin.

You will never go wrong with taking on an original, individualized flavor, even if it incorporates little nuggets of the advice that floats around you. You  just have to figure out what works.

Don’t Let Others Steer Your Boat

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"Where it comes to parenting, no one has the right answers. Surprise: I DEFINITELY don't have them. So if you're here, know that I'm completely guessing as I go. I'm striving to be what I call a "good-ish" parent. And happy to share my discoveries along my ride."